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Teano Holdings, David Bakonyi

David Bakonyi, owner of Teano Holdings, is passionate about real real estate and had a vision of a Malibu inspired building situated in Kelowna’s most idyllic neighbourhood, Pandosy Village.
To bring his vision to life, David assembled an all star team featuring one of Kelowna’ most highly regarded Builders, and a top notch Architect, Interior Designer, and Marketing team.


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Worman Construction, Shane Worman & Team

Worman Construction is one of Kelowna’s most distinguished building groups. They believe that unless a building has a story to tell, it’s not worth building. Since 1992, they have been working enthusiastically to set a new standard for modern construction with enduring features that you won’t usually find in similar buildings. Everything Worman does is designed to enhance the community and provide a meaningful experience for those who spend time in their buildings.


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Matt Johnson & Team

Distinct Solutions is comprised of a team of creative professionals who are committed to delivering world-class architectural services to the local community. Distinct works with the intention of creating unique structures and landscaping that reflect their passion and dedication to the local landscape.

Interior Designer

Interior Design Logo

Forme Interior Design, Tamara Jones

Forme Interior Design was founded by Kelowna-based designer, Tamara Jones. Tamara’s distinguished portfolio features many of Kelowna’s most iconic commercial and residential spaces. With her sense of creativity and design expertise, Tamara was able to bring to life David Bakonyi’s vision of the stunning Southgate interiors.

Sales & Marketing

Fortune Marketing

Fortune Marketing

Founded by Don Warkentin and Holly MacDougall in 2012, the Fortune Marketing Real Estate Gallery is currently located in Kelowna’s vibrant downtown core. Responsible for over $202M in real estate revenue, Fortune Marketing boasts a diverse client portfolio and has consistently achieved results for local development teams. Fortune Marketing has been recognized for its marketing achievements with awards from the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, Small Business BC, and the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce.
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